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The following resources include several self-assessment tests designed to give you greater insight into possible issues you’d like to address in treatment. Please note that these tests are in no way meant to diagnose, treat or otherwise provide professional mental health treatment. If you take one of these tests, it is highly advised to discuss the results with a professional.


Please reach out to Dr. Slone regarding any questions you might have, by using the form on this page.

Self-Assessment Tests

Phone Addiction or Nomophobia Questionnaire (NMP-Q) ACCESS HERE

Internet Addiction Test (IAT) ACCESS HERE

Greenfield Video Game Addiction Test (GVGAT) ACCESS HERE

Alcohol Consumption Assessment or AUDIT ACCESS HERE

Life Events Scale: A test to measure an individual’s current stress level ACCESS HERE

Suicide Prevention Resources

Hotline: 800-Suicide (800-273-8255)

Chat Online: 

Text: 741741


Anger Resources

Are you interested in combatting your anger? Would you like to substitute
empathy and understanding for righteous angry judgments? If so, I’ve got
just the book for you!

The Anger Fallacy: Uncovering The Irrationality Of The Angry Mindset by
Steven Laurant and Ross Menzies.

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