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Recent Review Highlights

The following reviews were posted on various review sites. You may view the original source of the review though the link in the text.

I knew magic was happening back when my husband would come back from his individual sessions with Dr Slone in deep thought and clear understanding of what needs to be done.  Though he never went into details, I could tell that his sessions were meaningful and challenging at the same time.  My experience with Dr Slone has been amazing.  He is truly a master in solution focused change.  I've met Dr Slone through couples therapy and can say that every single assignment that he gave us after every single session was exactly what we needed to resolve some of the more urgent challenges I was facing.  I recommend him to everyone who is ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into the difficult conversations.  I'm so grateful.  

Dr Slone also has the coolest socks.

ALYSSA P. on Yelp 10/4/2022

My husband and I have a family and work together at our own business, and we needed some help to identify the causes of our stress and to work through some challenges in our personal and professional lives. Dr. Slone has been really helpful in presenting us with different perspectives and solutions. He has helped us to focus on specific issues and prescribes practical solutions and experiments for us to implement in between sessions. Since beginning our sessions, we have noticed several positive changes in our communication and a shift toward patterns that will serve us on the road ahead. Thank you Dr. Slone!

ADRIENNE M. on Yelp 9/28/22

I'm a professional that needed a little help, and I was always against therapy growing up. However, I was referred to Dr. Slone by a colleague of mine. I had some challenges in my career and personal life that I needed some help with.

In two sessions with Dr. Slone, he has been able to effectively reframe my thinking and given me some exercises to push myself and to challenge myself.

Dr. Slone brings a pleasant and professional demeanor to every session and is able to slow me down in order for me to effectively convey my struggles. From there, he's then able to help.


ANTHONY T. on Yelp 6/8/22

Dr. Barry Slone is an amazing therapist. I recommend him to all my friends and can not thank him enough for the work he did with my husband and I. I attribute our getting married and having a wonderful, heathy relationship. Our marriage  is beyond what I could have dreamed since we incorporated what we learned from Dr. Barry Slone. He is kind, gets to the point and a very likable human being. Useful. Funny. Cool.


SHAWN A. on Yelp 10/13/22

I was struggling with a number of issues and reached out to Dr. Slone for help.  Each session was very productive and through hard work, I started to feel and see changes in my life and my relationships.  Now, it is hard to believe how different and better things are for me.  I attribute those changes to Dr. Slone.  I am grateful for his help and would highly recommend him to anyone.


CHRIS B. on Yelp 11/3/22

Dr Slone is a problem solver.
If you want to learn, take action, and push forward - he's the guy. The "what do you think" you may think you'll hear becomes suggestions and plans to make change.  

I appreciate he listens.  He remembers.  He ponders
He reflects. He digs to offer ideas to make a life better.

He has helped me with challenges that were difficult to navigate and loaded with potential hurt and angst.

Simple ideas. Thoughts. And action made big differences.  His depth of tools to help get balance and happiness and living positively are things any thinking client can use

It's worth a few sessions to see what he can do for you, too

Stop accepting things as they are if you want to make change or move forward. It's possible. He can help.

Good luck !!


LEE K. on Yelp 5/13/22

Such a wonderful experience. I mean that sincerely even though I usually dread having to show up. This is a good thing. Dr. Slone is results and goals oriented. He is a focused therapist who guides you toward dealing with all the things you have been avoiding. He is a good person and I feel safe in his care. Dr. Slone has my highest recommendation.

Matthew Carver on Google 11/22

Absolutely love working with Dr. Slone. My husband and I have been going to Slone for over a month and I can already see a massive difference in our relationship. I was feeling worn out in the relationship, but now the energy is back. It’s easy to get caught up in work, family, and not focus on your marriage. The homework that Barry has given us keeps us accountable.

Taylor Looney on Google 6/22

This is the therapist you've been searching for.

Dr. Slone truly knows his craft. Every word he speaks during the session has meaning and is thought out. He is able to unpack difficult situations, and then ask questions that make you think of the situation on your own, from a new perspective.

Unlike some other therapists, he gives you assignments to take home and actually discusses the goals you would like to achieve during your session with him.

While Dr. Slone's time is not cheap, he is well worth it. A few hours with him will likely lead to more progress than a month with a cheaper therapist who is not well versed.

In short, Dr. Slone has the necessary acumen to truly help in your journey for change - if you're as committed to following the process as he is.

I only have one review - I specifically made an account to post here.

Bernard Rice on Google 2/22

Dr. Slone is an amazing practitioner. He helped my wife and I immensely, and we are a stronger couple as a result. He is caring, kind, & considerate. If you want to change something in your life and are not sure where to turn, please give Dr. Slone a call & set an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

Robert Sech on Google 3/22

Dr. Slone helped us put things back together. He facilitated some very difficult communication for us and most definitely saved our marriage. Thank you Dr. Slone, John and Amy

John Larson on Google 7/22

Dr. Slone had saved my relationship. Best investment I have ever made. Very good at what he does.

Henchman on Google 10/22

In a short time Dr. Slone has given me the tools to help navigate me through this next chapter in my life. I feel his approach is direct, but in a sincere manner. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for guidance, self-reflection and overall help in their lives.

Julie Corington on Google 3/22

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